Thinking Of Joining Us?

We are currently in the middle of a beginners course. If you’d like information on our next one please email

Beginners courses are open from the age of 10 years upwards.

To begin your Archery adventure you will firstly need to complete a beginners course. These are run by our club coaches at set intervals throughout the year. These are completed outdoors during the spring and summer and at our indoor venue during autumn and winter when it’s too dark to shoot outdoors.

After completing the course you will understand the basics of archery and be able to shoot over short distances safely and with a good basic technique.

When the course is over you will have the opportunity to join Welbeck Archers as a club member and continue with archery as a hobby or, if you want to, taking part in competitions all the way to representing Great Britain.


Enrolling on a beginner’s course is quick and easy.

Contact us at

Arrange with us a starting date

Pay your course fees.

Keep turning up and enjoy yourself.


Our aim is to ensure you have a good archery experience.

We will provide all the archery equipment you will need for the course.

Provide safety instruction and supervision.

Teach you a basic Target Archery technique.

Provide an opportunity to apply for Welbeck Archers Membership.

Give advice on types and sources of equipment

Have in place third party liability insurance though our governing body.


Wear Sensible Clothing

Close fitting clothing for the upper body.

When shooting outside. Enough clothing to keep warm and dry; multiple thin layers are better than thick woollens and a coat that can be slipped on whilst waiting would be useful.

When shooting indoors any thing comfortable but fairly close fitting

Flat, sturdy footwear. Footwear must enclose your toes so sandals,flip flops or similar are not allowed. Boots are recommended for wet conditions outdoors

Remove any jewellery or facial piercing that could cause a hazard.

Long or flowing hair should be tied back or kept under a hat.

Are you a current or past archer and would like to join us?

If you are a current AGB member of another club you can join us an affiliated member. Or you are welcome to join us as a full member, however this would mean you have to leave your current club.

If you have shot in the past, or you are not a current AGB member we ask that you complete an assessment. If you have an affiliation with another archery organisation, you will also be asked to complete an assessment before joining.

Contact for more information